The TPad Nexus

I’ve gotten a few requests from people asking for info on our second generation TPad Tablet device, the TPad Nexus. We built this device for our own research use, and therefore didn’t pay as much attention to making sure that components were easy to solder, that the code was backwards compatible, or that the parts were easy to find. However, it is a better device, and we’ve built up a code base for it now, so if you can deal with those issues, you’re better off. This is the device that we demonstrated at UIST ‘13, Open Hardware Summit ‘13, CHI ‘14, and Haptics Symposium ‘14. It was also used in these papers- [CHI, UIST, ASSETS] as well as a few others that aren’t published yet. It looks the same as the TPad Fire from the outside, but the insides are better. A few of the advantages compared to the TPad Fire are listed below:-

  • Finger position interpolation
  • Faster TPad communication- 1 kHz via open accessory protocol
  • Long battery life (longer than the tablet itself)
  • Option to run from wall power
  • Haptic canvas, Remote touch, and Haptic messenger applications [As published in CHI paper video]


A few things to get you started-

Good Luck!