Joe Mullenbach

As a third year graduate student in the Surface Haptics Research Group at Northwestern University, Joe works to not just expand the capabilities of surface haptic devices but also to design engaging interactions with them. Joe started what would become the TPad Tablet Project in Spring of 2012 as a way to reach out to interaction designers and HCI researchers. His work across disciplines led to him being named a 2013 Segal Design Fellow. Joe continues to lead the team at Northwestern with an attitude of experimentation and rapid iteration. Visit Joe’s research page here .


J Edward Colgate
Michael Peshkin
Anne Marie Piper


Motoki Mizoguchi
Adam Birnbaum
Olivia Gann
Mike Jastram
Srinivas Balusu
Felix Hu
Suhong Jin
Michael Worthington
Charlie Hoffert
Tim Stead
Tom Morreale


Craig Shultz

As a second year graduate student in the Surface Haptics Group, Craig has been a driving force in the creation of the TPad Fire. Craig holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Tulsa. , and leads electrical design and software programming. See Craig’s research page here.