The project


The goal of the TPad Tablet Project is to drastically improve human interactions with computers and mobile devices through the sense of touch. We are exposing the current capabilities of surface haptics to a wider audience in order to tap into a greater pool of research talent and design creativity and expand the boundaries of what’s possible.

Research Driven. Research in this haptics touches a lot of different areas including human-computer interaction, psychology, neuroscience, and engineering. We’re trying to make the engineering piece less of a hurdle so that research in other areas can be expanded and accelerated.

Design Driven. In order for this to be really effective and natural, the effects need to be designed in at very deep level. We are used to living in a physical world that we can feel and manipulate, and a physical computer interface should be as natural and intuitive as the real world. We believe that the only way to do this is by starting with good design.

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